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When planning your event, we know you may have a few questions.
We have compiled answers to some of our most common ones below.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are there any time restrictions for the rehearsal?

Absolutely not.  In fact, if you would like, you could have the rehearsal dinner here as well.  We just ask that you and your guests depart by 11 pm.

Are there restrictions on decorating?

We ask that you respect our walls and woodwork and not mar them. We prohibit the use of nails, screws, staples, pushpins, and removable tape inside our venue. We can help you figure out how to get the look you want in our beautiful venue. We cannot allow real flower petals to be strewn inside on the floors and likewise cannot allow fake flower petals to be strewn outside.

What about candles?

We love the ambiance that flickering candles can add to your ceremony and reception. We do want to be safety conscious though, so we ask that there not be open flames… tapers that might topple and ignite a tablecloth or clothing. Candles such as votives, tealights, or pillar candles must be contained, such as in a cylinder, votive holder, or in lanterns etc. Placed as close to center of tables as possible, all for safety sake. We LOVE the newest beautiful realistic battery operated candles!

What about centerpieces?

Our venue has quite a few beautiful and unique options.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

At this time, we have an open policy, but we do require that all your vendors carry commercial general liability insurance coverage. This is for YOUR benefit as well as ours. We also highly suggest your vendors preview our facility. This will give them the knowledge they need as you work with them, to provide exactly what you want, how you want it.

When can deliveries be made & vendors arrive for set up?

Since we live here, as well as operate the venue, we can accept deliveries anytime during the week of your wedding. Vendors can arrive anytime you would like. You will have access to all public areas Friday through Sunday 12 noon.

What do we do if it rains?

You do not need to have a tent on standby unless that is truly your preference.  Our facility can accommodate you and your guests inside. This is the exact reason we have limited our guest count! Just for you! We want your Plan B (bad weather plan) to be as great as your original plan! We have a separate area to send your guests to if we need to flip your ceremony space into a reception space.

Are there restrictions on the music selected?

Due to our size, you may not want a large band. Our beautiful baby grand is available for use and would make a lovely musical accompaniment if you choose to have your ceremony inside. It can also be used to provide dinner music.

A DJ is always welcome, and you may want to base your choice on their ability to “emcee” your event. This will ensure a good flow to your event, keeping your guests informed about your special happenings, and of course, keeping everyone entertained and up on the dance floor.

We will ask that the last dance happens close to 11 pm if it is inside our facility, and as close to 10 pm as possible if set up outside.

Is smoking allowed?

The answer is a definite no in regards to the venue itself and around the entryways. We are a very rural venue with many trees, so, even though we will work extra hard to accommodate you and your guests, outside smoking will need to be limited to a designated area.

Can I serve alcohol?

Absolutely. however, it must be served by a licensed and approved bartending service.  We know of several we can highly recommend if you need help with this.

Do we need to hire a security guard?

Where Dreams Come True Venue will provide one security guard to be on premises and unobtrusively nearby (unless needed), during the time of your actual event. The owners will have the authority to decide if another should be hired by the hosts… depending on many factors… time of day… the size of guest list… type and amount of alcohol being served.

Can we have a sparkler send off?

Absolutely! We will work with you to make it happen as beautifully, yet safely, as possible. We require the extra long sparklers, (but, not to exceed 36 inches in length) and will have the necessary buckets of water close by for safe handling and extinguishing.


Note: We do have the right to cancel the use of sparklers in the event of a local burn ban, and also have the right to refuse any person who acts irresponsible, from having access to one whether an adult or child.

Do I need wedding liability insurance?

That is always a great thing to have. As you research this item, you will find it will cover all kinds of things that might put a damper on your beautiful wedding day… it is protection for you…hosts of the wedding… as well as the wedding venue.  We, like most venues, do require you to purchase this for our ULTIMATE WEDDING EXPERIENCE.  It is a small expense with huge benefits, like peace of mind!

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