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An Intimate and Beautiful Wedding Option
…and the two shall become one…   Ephesians 5:31

Where Dreams Come True Venue is now offering you the perfect option for your small and intimate wedding and reception. Our location offers you a picturesque and tranquil option that you won’t find anywhere else. Although we are easily accessible to the entire DFW area, you and your guests will truly experience all the “feels” of a destination wedding.

Best Little Wedding in Texas is your answer to the elegant wedding and reception experience without any stress. We choose the date, you choose the time of that day, show up with your forever love, your license, and up to 30 guests.

Everything will be ready and waiting for your arrival. All the details you want, with none of the stress.

We are bridging the gap between the public ‘courthouse style’ elopement and the expensive, stress filled, large wedding. Best Little Wedding Texas provides you with a premium and private wedding and reception experience in a beautiful and intimate setting.

Imagine how easy your wedding can be. We will have every picture perfect detail planned and curated, ready and waiting for you and your guests to arrive. Yes, you will have a few decisions to make, but really easy ones, just to help us to make your wedding experience uniquely yours!

You do not want to miss this opportunity. You will find ALL the details on our website. Nature, simplistic elegance, perfectly styled to perfection with timeless traditions, we “check all the boxes” for your intimate wedding experience Best Little Wedding in Texas.